March 29, 2020


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Embarking on his journey into music only a year ago, Emiko a singer song-writer from the UK, West London. With vocals that seem to be a product of 90’s influences (think ) it’s likely Emiko has been singing for many years. An example of that 90’s influence a cover he did of Donny Hathaway’s This Christmas (1971) about a year ago. Evidently a brave thing to do but Emiko holds his own and drops a good cover.

The question why is it only in the last year that Emiko has finally started to put out material?

Question aside, we checked out his SoundCloud and there are some good numbers all imbued with his obvious soulful energy while displaying Emiko’s song writing savvy. The culmination of those previous numbers his debut ep Piece Of My Mind which he released this year March.

It’s a five track body of work introducing us to Emiko as we traverse through a new skool sound that embraces something of the a neo vibe with the debut single Youth (Better Times) to more soulful sounds epitomised by the third cut (aptly named) Lovin. The final cut Great Big World an emotionally raw cut sees Emiko embracing a more gospel (almost) type sound allowing Emiko to display more of a vocal range.

As debuts go Piece Of My Mind a tidy intro and sets a stable foundation for Emiko to build on.