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January 5, 2017


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Here at hopefully you are getting the picture that we love great beats outside of the formulaic regular fodder-basically we love stuff that is not always on the commercial radar at least.

To that effect, we have the London based outfit, Mango Juice  (which started a year ago), to wax with vigour about. As the head honcho- (a beat maker himself) told us, it’s essentially a collective of like-minded; producers, rappers and artists dropping some of the tightest produced beats blessed by some crisp, occasionally obscure samples known to man/woman. It’s a curated project where the artists are not well-known but significantly the produced is aural gold.

Facts are, there will be copious amounts of the sweetest juice to come from Mango but we are sworn to a little bit of secrecy for now-at least.

While we wait for the opportunity to sing like canaries (when we get that all-important juice), here’s a mix session of some of the artists on the label-turn it up.