December 6, 2016


By itchysilk In MUSIC

Rude Jude the hirsute dj, and multi-instrumentalist bringing UKG back to its bouncing glory. 

Rude had been in his native where he was a regular on the dj circuit plying the wonders of UKG. After pushing the movement, he relocated to the UK recently to make a pilgrimage like journey to savour UKG from the home of the genre.

Since making the UK home, Rude has been dropping regular videos where our Parisian brother re-creates live some of the biggest UKG sounds from yesteryear. For those old enough there’s certainly a journey into heady beats of nostalgia when it was cool to hold just two fingers in the air-as a sign of appreciation while listening to cuts like, Never Going To Let You Go, Movin Too Fast (1999) and What’s it Gonna Be (2008).


Here he drops I Need To Know blessed with 4 mixes. The project leaves us in no doubt that that Rude and his compatriots on the project-Pallace, Lazy Flow and Tashi are aficionados of the genre. The opening track evokes energy reminiscent of Madonna’s Vogue (1990) and that era of super models with absurd demands-‘why no one cleaning my ass’?!

While there are four mixes the third mix quintessential UKG  complete with a ridiculous drop followed by insane levels of bass-definitely like that.

Will be interesting to see how Rude follows up-we know that he has some projects in the pipeline so we will keep an eye out.