April 19, 2020


By itchysilk In MUSIC

So, we go with another lockdown cut with the awesome UK singer song writer Shae Universe. In this juncture the singer blesses us with her latest release No Stallin. The track was in fact dropped two years ago so it is not new. However the track gets a new lease of life with fresh visuals bringing a new dimension.

With this re-release of sorts, three points are proved.

One that the track is a serious banger. This number is a tidy cut with awesome production by Los Angeles based Thomas Crager. Shae keeps her vocals in the main in the higher octaves. Truth is Shae Universe has a great vocal range. From Mariah Carey esque highs, to the lower ranges she keeps it all on point.

The second point. While the video directed by Adele and Chris Fowles is simple it totally fits the track which is at its core a retro slow jam. 90’s never needed some over elaborate video. The quality of the track was the real selling point.

The last point-the new, come/re-release proves-Shae Universe is a serious UK talent. The promo info from the PR stated that Shae Universe decided on dropping the visuals for No Stallin after coming back from the Grammy’s. Shae Universe gained motivation and impetus after attending the stellar event. So, she should. There’s no doubt that Shae Universe has the mettle to break a bigger market. But there are many variables to success. Some of these variables are not in the control of the artist. Shae Universe however seems to be doing what she can to control the variables within her power.

We must say we love her Shae Sundays flex-should bring those back!